About me.


Virtual Assistant & Social Media Manager

Hello and welcome! I'm Katie, a highly skilled Virtual Assistant & Social Media Manager  based in Dorset, offering comprehensive administrative support to businesses nationwide. I am dedicated to offering a comprehensive range of services, combining traditional administrative support with innovative social media management, to small and medium-sized businesses and sole traders across the country.

My Professional Path

Beginning my career in the legal and educational arenas, I've developed a keen eye for detail and a robust skill set in managing diverse administrative tasks. This experience has been crucial in shaping my services as a Virtual Assistant, where I prioritise accuracy, initiative, and innovative solutions.

Specialised Services for Your Business

I offer services including:

  • Social Media Management: Crafting engaging content, managing your online presence, and connecting with your audience effectively.
  • Transcription Services: Converting audio and video into accurate written documents.
  • Lead Follow-Up: Actively pursuing potential clients and business opportunities with professionalism.
  • Research: Conducting in-depth research to inform and guide business strategies.
  • General Administrative Tasks: Handling everyday administrative tasks with efficiency and attention to detail.

Tailored Assistance

I understand that each business is unique, and I am committed to customizing my services to align with your specific requirements. Whether it’s managing your social media platforms or providing administrative support, I adapt to ensure seamless integration with your business processes.

How I work.

1 Initial Consultation: Every successful partnership begins with understanding. We start with an initial consultation (via phone, email, or video call) to discuss your specific needs and goals. This helps in tailoring our services to fit your unique requirements.

2 Service outline: A tailored service plan is crafted, outlining the tasks and strategies to support your business, whether it's social media management, transcription, or general administrative duties.

3 Implementation: With the plan in action, I focus on delivering high-quality services, while maintaining open lines of communication for updates and feedback. This ensures that the services provided align perfectly with your expectations and business objectives.